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The Egyptian Government Launches the first Leather Eco-Industrial Zone in the Middle East

The Egyptian Government has launched the first Leather focused Eco-Industrial city in the Middle East and North Africa. Robbiki Leather City, includes areas for tanneries in phase 1, leather manufacturing factories in phase 2, and supporting industries workshops (value chain) in phase 3.

The City utilises modern technology to foster innovation and effective operations across all members of the value chain. It is based on a multidimensional, sustainable and inclusive business model which was developed by the government in close cooperation with the Italian Development Cooperation Agency and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).

The city and its service platform offers and aims to assist tanneries services which ensure high quality production by providing numerous vocational and businesses services for industrial members and investors, including Quality Assurance and Accreditation services, Technical assistance, Testing, Technical Training, tanning chemical recipes, and Fault Diagnosis assistance, alongside logistical and licensing packages at the same place.