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About Robbiki


MENA's Largest Eco-industrial Leather Cluster.

The Robbiki Leather Cluster is an integrated industrial cluster, reciprocating around the tanning and leather industry sectors, with a total area of ​​about 6841800 2,125,200 square meters. With three distinctive and interconnected phases covering the leather industry manufacturing value chain and its by-products, the Robbiki Leather Cluster is one of the most important national projects in Egypt.

It is the largest Eco-Industrial cluster specialised in the leather industry in the Middle East and Africa. in accordance with international standards and regulations, it represents a one of a kind project and hub in the Middle-East and Africa.

The cluster of Robbiki incorporates a modern management model encompassing specialized industrial, administrative, green and services zones.

The management model of the cluster aims to achieve the objectives of comprehensive and sustainable industrial development. The management, operation and maintenance of basic facilities and the technological centre for tanning and leather industry aim also to contribute, in the long run, to capacity building, development, and enhancing the leather sector’s balance portfolio; through stimulating further exports.

The cluster’s location serves its investors in minimizing transportation time and costs to and from international and local destinations. It is located in the suburbs of Cairo in Badr City and is well connected to transport infrastructure and international ports. The Robbiki city offers a one stop shop like location, providing business development services, testing, prototyping and export assistance, alongside a myriad of other services that can boost your leather production capabilities.

As an Eco-Industrial Zone, the cluster encompasses three different Common Effluent Treatment Plants on a total surface area of ( 1184,400 m2) acres to grow trees on 831 (3490,200 m2) acres using recycled water. These structures aim to reduce waste from the city and increase the sustainability of the overall project.

Robbiki Leather City

An Integrated Industrial Zone With All Needed Services.


Public transportation access to RLC from and to down town Cairo.


Permanent police and firefighting offices in the industrial zone.

Green Areas

Green areas and open spaces within the industrial zone.

Facility Management

Dedicated private companies for daily security and cleaning services.

Commercial Services

Restaurants and cafes area.

Financial Services

National Bank of Egypt and Bank Misr have 2 branches in the admin building of the Industrial Zone.