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Robbiki Leather Cluster is located in Badr City spanning across 2,125,200 square meters while housing so far a total of 213 tanneries. At the suburbs of Cairo with direct connections to trading centres, designed as an Eco- Industrial Zone with three main phases, the cluster produces up to 200 million square feet of leather/year. It also houses 3 treatment plants across 1184,400 square meters which fit in the sustainability nexus of the cluster.

CID offers a flexible module for investment and makes it easier to find available commercial space, office spaces for lease, already built factories for sale, warehouse spaces for rent, and retail spaces with real estate professionals to help investors find the right fit and facilitate their operations.


First Phase

The first Phase is rolled on an area of  823,200 m2 built exclusively to accommodate tanneries relocating from Magra El Oyoun. It currently houses 213 tanneries,. Production capacity now stands at 100%, 50 remaining shops are available, with size ranging from 40 m to 82 m.
The phase also houses a variety of commercial and administrative space for engineering offices, licensing offices, trade agents & distributors, etc. including a 3 story administrative building. Six administrative slots ranging from 108 to 460 square meters remain across the first and second floors of this building. They can be leased and customized to meet needs of interested stakeholders.
Financial Institutions and Service providers such as The National Bank of Egypt and Banque Misr have already opened branches within this phase.
Interested to invest in Phase 1? Please feel free to contact us.


Second Phase

The second Phase represents an area of 344,400 m2 reserved for production tanneries and feeding industries. This phase offers and shall house chemical factories, gelatine manufactures and other members of the supply chain, in support of the sustainability and eco-industrial model developed.
Second phase currently houses 41 tanneries and 96 glue factories , It also includes warehouse and storage space and logistics and commercial space to complement the production process and support the expansion of the tanneries and production lines. It also houses the Board of Manufacturers and healthcare facilities. 70% of the space is still available for interested investors and stakeholders.
Interested to invest in Phase 2? Please feel free to contact us.


Third Phase

The third phase is reserved for finished leather products that complete the value chain and the concept of the cluster. It represents an area of 928200 m2 focused on value-added industries that complete the supply chain and engage in the final production-sale cycle.
The third phase already has 100 factories of different sizes ready for delivery to investors who want to invest in Robbiki Leather City
These factories were designed according to international specifications to suit all end leather products.
These include commercial outlets and displays of luxurious products produced within the city. the third phase shall house a MSMEs hub and a leather design school, supported by the activities of the technology centre.
This will allow for the realization of an inclusive and sustainable manufacturing and retail supply chain across the cluster. It shall also allow for design and fashion houses to relocate to the cluster, support intermediate industries, and further stimulate economic growth and sustainable industrialization through limiting wastage and business transaction costs.
Interested to invest in Phase 3? Please feel free to contact us.

The three phases of the Robikki Leather Cluster hence represent an attractive investment opportunity for any investor willing to partake and contribute to MENA’s first Eco industrial Leather cluster. The different phases amalgamate various elements of the leather supply chain in a sustainable and interconnected manner, promising a valuable return on investment.