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Testimonials from the Egyptian Leather Tanneries based in the Robbiki Leather City Cluster.

Ahmed M. El Gabbas

Robbiki Leather City is considered the most advance technological hub for the leather sector in the Middle East and it is expected in the near future to develop exponentially. Robbiki Leather City is conceived as well-organized green field investment.

Ahmed M. El GabbasAl Rowad Tannery
Mahmoud Hamdy

In Robbiki leather city, the industry has been developed entirely. In magra el ouyon (Old tannerries area), there was a craft not an industry. In Robbiki, the philosophy of the industry has drastically changed in terms of automation.

Mahmoud HamdyAl Montazah Tannery
Hussien Mostafa

Investing in Robbiki leather city is considered a good opportunity for new investors as the city is considered as a new industrial cluster. The leather city has 12 major advanced tanneries where they use the same Italian technology.

Hussien MostafaAl Goneeh Tannery
Ahmed El Gabbass

Currently there is a cutting edge technology which has impacted the quality of the products. In addition There is an opportunity for our business to expand horizontally not only vertically.

Ahmed El GabbassEgyptian German Tannery